Thursday, June 10, 2010

Okay so I have my Nephews baptism this weekend, I'm so excited!! i get to see all my sisters, i don't get to see them that often as they live all over the place. My oldest sister, Emily lives in Townsville and she is coming down!! I also get to see little Dylan, well he's not so little that will be awesome! And tomorrow night I'm going to Melbourne with my brother and his gf Georgia to see this comedy thingy not really sure what it is.. but yeah I'm excited!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

120 hours!!!

Okay so..i just bought a car....It's amazing! i love it. It's a daihatsu charade, tiny hatchback with 4 doors =D and its white which i don't really mind, i prefer a darker colour but white is fine. When i got it i drove it everywhere to try and get all my hours up so i can go for my license, but now my bf Jordan, has just bought a brand new 2010 Toyota yarris hatch, because his old car is completely stuffed and was just falling apart, so anyway he was driving to work one morning in his old car, because he has to wait a month to get his car shipped here from china or wherever it comes from, and his car completely shit itself, like it wouldn't go faster than 30. So Jordan and his step dad took it to the used car place where they were going to trad it in anyway. And now Jordan has no car to get to work and home, so that where my little car comes in and saves the day. Now Jordan is driving my car to work and back everyday which means i cant drive my car. which means i cant get hours up, even though i only had like 4 more hours left anyway. So i got Jordan to drop my car home and Dad took me driving on the weekends and now..........I have 120 hours!!!!!!!!!!! =D I'm so excited i just need a few more lessons now and i think I'm ready to go for my P's. hopefully i don't fail, i will probably cry if i do fail.

and here is a picture of what my car looks likes, that's not my car, its just a Google pic. i can't be bothered taking a pic of my car. =)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Captain Smokes.

My baby smokey and I.
He was suppose to be a show cat but the breeder told me his nose was to big to show him, that's why she was selling him. I don't think he has a big nose but apparently he does?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Beautiful Nephew.

My little nephew, Dylan.
Born 2nd of November 2009.
He is the cutest little boy and such a chubby.

My Sisters and I at my Dad's wedding.
Simone, Emily, Jess, Chloe and I.

So...this is a first for me...

I have never made a blog or even written in one before. so i thought i would make one since so many of my friends have them i also thought it would be fun and take away some of the boredom that leaving school and only working casual at a fast food joint has given me.
Anyway a bit about me, i love hardcore, punk, metal music..I absolutely adore A Day to Remember, House VS Hurricane and We came as Romans. I love art and drawing, Although i have been neglecting my art book for a while now, sometimes I'm just not in the mood to draw and other times my head is about to explode of ideas and projects.
I would choose a good documentary over a good movie any day.

Anyway that's all for now. =)